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Rentmybhk.com is a professional property management venture which has engaged with Hundreds of clients and successfully managing their property across the city. If you own apartment/villa and is looking for professional property management services, then you are in the right place.

Rentmybhk.com is the best property management firm located in the vicinity of Bengaluru city. We are committed to delivering exceptional and highly satisfactory quality service to the customers who rely on us. Through customer-centric policies and active engagement along with clients, we make sure that all the requirements of the customers are catered without compromising on the quality. We also adhere to deliver exceptional service by following a well-defined process and keeping property owners well educated about all the facts. We understand that the most important aspect of your apartment/villa is to safeguard and generate a return of your real estate investment. We look forward to delivering the best experience to you, taking the best possible care of your property. To know more about the firm, reach us now.

As your property management company, we inspect your property and supervise repairs whenever necessary. We keep repair costs as low as practical to maintain property value and comply with local laws. Our vast property management experience enables us to foresee many likely problems and avoid them. We have contacts with quality repairmen who charge reasonable rates and supervise them to ensure economical repair costs.

We secure the tenant’s agreement to pay rent and take care of the property with our detailed agreement clauses which has been specifically written to protect the Owner’s interests. We strive to maintain cordial tenant relations although bearing in mind that our job is to represent the best interests of the property owner. Although rarely necessary due our rigorous screening procedures, we promptly file for eviction if the rent is not timely received. We track lease expirations and keep abreast of market conditions so that rent can be timely increased if prudent to do so.


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